Frustrated with the terrible quality of the clothes on the market today? Want to learn how to shop for and take care of clothes that look good and last?

This is a place to learn about clothes – how they’re made, how to buy and take care of them, how to style them. And what can go wrong in the whole process.

We’ll get insider’s knowledge on garment manufacturing from my father, who has been working in the fashion industry for 35 years as a vendor. We go over some of the (often surprising) realities in making garments, like:

  • Why t-shirts are so sheer
  • How it can take six or more factories to make one dress
  • Why cheap clothes often have better quality than more expensive ones

Most of us know very little about where our clothes comes from. Garment making is actually a very technically challenging industry, with a lot of room for error. And when cost pressures come into play, there’s even more potential for mistakes or shortcuts in manufacturing that result in poor quality.

We also go over style and shopping tips to build a simple, minimalist wardrobe for various budgets (fast fashion isn’t always bad). We’ll also discuss how to take care of your clothes properly, so they last longer. Care instructions aren’t always reliable.

Garment manufacturing is a very resource-intensive industry, and we should take some personal responsibility to minimize the impact of our clothes on the environment. We can do this by consuming fewer clothing items, so we can save both money and resources.

Good luck out there!